EPP: reading and structuring (a lot of) emails

Ok, let’s start and figure out what can be improved in zelfstudie.be. By doing an case study I’ll try to find out in 3 stages which new or modified features are wished by the members/students of zelfstudie.be

In the first stage I’ll gather all emails from the last years. From 19 July 2010 to 1 June 2014 this are exactly 4227 emails. After deleting spam, messages from Twitter, unsubscribes from newsletters 3234 emails are remaining. I somehow underestimated the amount of hours needed to read these mails.

By putting them in subfolders I can structure these questions, complaints, remarks, commercial offers and wishes.

The second step will be extracting the most interesting needs/wishes/questions and linking these to members who spent the most time on the website. These numbers are gathered by Google Analytics and on the other hand an own written script.