The need of a SAKET

jenkinsMy biggest computer-related problem is the administration of sources, tools and information. There are many good websites and Google helps to find them, but how to administer the bookmarks, ideas, etc. Of course sites as diigo help, but not entirely.

There are existing many free tools and they do all kinds of things, but I think there is one general tool needed which combines them. There is a need of one tool that mentions “already exists” when you’re about to write course materials. Once there was a time there were 5 different devices to take pictures, record video’s, call people, listen to the radio and use gps. Then there was the smartphone. One device that combined these 5 functions. I think there is a tool needed, let’s call it a SAKET: a Swiss Army Knife for Educational Tools

In all case, this SAKET would help a lot in Jenkins’ Participation Gap, by helping to find the right tool for the right job.┬áIn my situation, I’m not really familiar with the gap. My students are generally speaking familiar with IT and have the right skills to search and explore the web.


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