What facilitates the adoption of new ideas

Now and then I tweet my innovation related questions. I don’t really rely on the responses, although it is nice to see strange people contribute using social media. On my question “what facilitates the adoption of new ideas”, I got an interesting answer: “show cases of good practice, so people will see the advantages”. Interesting!

Four years ago we (my school in Belgium) started using a web conferencing tool, called Web ex. We were the first school in the country who actually used distance learning by video conferencing. After one year, we presented the results to twenty other schools. This could have been a case of good practice to some school boards and teachers.

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As we talked about it during last session, Dave and Richard mentioned some possible difficulties for adoption of new ideas. My opinion is the following. There are two kind of teacher. Teachers who teach because it’s their job and people who teach to make a difference. These who teach for their pay check on the end of the month, are very hard to motivate. Their participation is mostly reduced to a minimum. I think they don’t exactly welcome change or new ideas with open arms.


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