Reading and breathing papers: getting feedback from the authors

In modern times, people forget that the authors of papers are also on Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. These – often scanned – papers with their old fonts, would make other assumptions.

Nevertheless, I was able to contact Jane Hart and ask her about the difference between collaborative and social learning.

I also got very interesting feedback from prof Gilly Salmon (known for her books E-tivities and E-moderating).

I know collected 5 models on building online communities: Kop, Wengers’ CoP, Pallof & Pratt, Garrison and Salmon. Better having too many models than none, but I guess I can’t base my EPP on all models, which makes it hard to decide which model to eliminate.

Last but not least, after reading about social constructivism, I did some reading on ‘Communal Constructivism‘ and guess what… Seems I’m being coached by an expert! And… my EPP will be proofread by another expert!


Nevertheless, I have to admit I quite enjoy this stage of reading literature. I gives me better understanding and adjusts previous opinions. It made me change my mind on my research questions.


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