some light at the end of the tunnel

Though I still have to start on writing my dissertation, yet some light at the end of the tunnel: 550 mails to go, 4500+ mails read and structured. It becomes clear these categories are the most represented:

  • not able to log in
  • reporting that the course has been paid (and requesting to activate the account)
  • asking for support

The first two categories are related. When people didn’t pay, they aren’t able to log in. Many people just need to contact “someone of the website” to ensure they didn’t loose their money, the website is real or just to fasten up the procedure of activation. This part seems not to be suitable for a research.

The next issue is interesting: many people are requesting support. Because of the great number of these questions and a fulltime job to fulfill, there isn’t much time left to produce new courseware, develop new features and spend time on marketing. At this time only the person who puts an issue and asks a question, gets an answer. It might be interesting to ask public and log answers, so every member can benefit these participations.

On the other hand there are definitely some people who want to share findings, resources, etc.

This research is directing to social learning, social constructivism, maybe even connectivism, in which every member can share his/her PLN.


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