Recent innovations in learning and teaching in my area

How about the recent innovations in learning and teaching in my area? Let’s talk about my old schools and make a distinction between high school, college and CVO, the school I teach at. 

HHC, my high school

The school changed it’s name to SFC, due to a fusion with other schools. HHC was pretty innovative. They already used a Dai-computer in 1981, in a class. In 1984 they bought their first computer class (10 computers). In the same year, two language teachers designed their own software to practice English verbs. In 1993 the first internet connection was made to a computer. Every teacher could use this computer, after scheduling it. Since a few years the school uses a LMS, called Smartschool. Smartschool is developed by my grandnephew and former classmate, as a thesis at KHLim Hasselt. In the beginning of 2013 SFC decided to start with a new project “start to tablet”. The reason can be found in the fact the school board understands the importance of using the latest innovations.
Pros and cons of tablets in education.

KHLim, my college university

Valère Awouters, once my teacher IT, founded ED+ict. ED+ict examens the benefits and educational value of games (gamification) and Facebook, which is innovative in Limburg and Belgium. Valère is also one of the teachers in the first module of TELIC.

UHasselt, the nearest university

My girlfriend works at UHasselt. Besides of that I gave many courses web design to other teachers. UHasselt is well upfront in research of solar energy. They invent with printable solar cells, which can be used in clothes and other substances. This innovation might not be related to education, but can offer some possibilities to enable innovation in education.

CVO, the Centre for adult education I teach at

My own school is pretty innovative due to our progressive school board. Our infrastructure is very well expanded (wifi, beamers, computers, tablets, etc) and we offer very specific courses. Since many years we use our own LMS eschool, which was expanded with Moodle in 2008. In 2009 we started with distance learning by video conferencing. At this time, our language teachers get a course how to use a tablet (iPad) in their lessons.

Innovations I’m interested in and which I try to implement in my classroom:

Innovations which can affect my situation at school indirectly:

Innovation what seems to be science fiction, but I can’t wait to implement:

  • Augmented reality - will definitely affect my work regarding to the distance learning (web conferencing)


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