Using the tablet in education: pros

Earlier I wrote an article about the cons of the use of tablets in education. Somehow I feel bad about only mentioning the cons. On the other side, criticism is needed. But wait a minute, isn’t the potential also important? My conclusion must be revised. In my workplace, the tablet doesn’t seem to be interesting to use, because my students have to create and design stuff. But in other circumstances, the tablet might be interesting, no wait… very interesting!

Of course a tablet has also benefits. It is a compact to the internet connected device which combines a built-in camera, gps textbook, agenda with unlimited educational apps. Students can search for information and teach by digital course material. They can take and collect photographs and use apps which are specialized to several subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Geography, languages and many more. In any case a tablet is very easy to use. My own nearly two years old son can use an iPad (unlock, swipe, start and use apps). 

BONDS-RAACKE and BONDS (2008) investigated the effect on students which resulted in this fact: although students were unsure about whether or not instructors would utilize Tablet PCs in the classroom, students reported very positive attitudes toward this implementation. In addition, students overwhelmingly reported that the classroom was interactive and engaging, the use of technology enhanced the classroom, and that they benefited from its use.But the tablet can also have benefits while being used by a teacher.

The use of tablet in my area:

  • In 2013, a school in Blankenberge “Sint-Pieterscollege/Sint-Jozefshandelsschool“ obliged their students to buy an iPad. This was big news in the media. Every journal wrote about the fact the school replaced their textbooks by tablets. Several parents had complaints because of the high cost and went to court. The Flemish government made a decision for the benefit of the school.
  • In 2013, I made my own educational app: Tree key
  • The HHC, the place I went to high school, started this year with a new project “Start to tablet”.


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