Reflect on two questions

1. What are the effects of learning environments on learning? (The learning environments themselves, but also what about the people controlling, structuring it? What’s the consequence of those who are in control?)

1// I think that well-designed TELEs can motivate people to learn.

2// People can learn at their own pace

  • Example 1: in CVO, we started project Vschool, a 100% distance learning project in which courseware and communication is enhanced by Moodle.
  • Example 2: in zelfstudie.be, people can study courseware, tutorials, screencasts in 100% distance learning – if needed with support from the author.

3// TELEs stimulate collaboration

  • Example 1:┬áSince I created a Facebook Group, people started to solve other peer’s questions, even cross-group (!)
  • Example 2:┬áSince I implemented Dropbox in my courses, students started to write and share own pieces of courseware (!)

Example: during each webex session (distance learning) I experience problems with my internet connection, myself or my students.

4// TELEs enable cross-border learning

Example: Obvious I wouldn’t take the TELIC course without Collaborate, the wiki and other communication and web 2.0 tools.

5// TELEs cause more work overload to teachers

10 years ago I used a book in my lessons. By the commissioning TELEs all courseware needs to be digital. In the world of web design, this means updating courses every year.

6// TELEs require some initial computer skills

implementing TELEs isn’t possible in all our courses, at the CVO. The use of Moodle in our course ‘ABC’, in which the students learn the very first computer skills, isn’t possible.

7// TELEs rely on technology

Last year, using webex (alternative to collaborate, we use in our blended learning project) didn’t cause any problems. This year every lesson one or more students (or myself) suffered problems with the software or internet connection.

2. How do we learn more about the social? How do we research, find out more about the social aspect in learning?

While doing research on “the social” I came across Bandura’s social learning theory and the concept of Open learning, which I will elaborate in the Wiki 3 task. More on doing research can be found here.


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