So, in the transition¬†of 2013 to 2014, let’s take a close look at my PLN.

As a teacher (lifelong learning):

  • Websites (tutsplus.com, drupal.org, YouTube)
  • Blogs (buytaert.net, etc)
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn)
  • Communication (Skype, Webex, email)
  • Brainstorming (Wordle, Fireworks)
  • Presenting (Prezi, Screenr)
  • Cloud (Dropbox, Copy, Google Drive)

As a student:

  • Wiki (pbworks)
  • Blogs (my peers’)
  • Websites (Ted, Scoop.it, Paper.li, etc)
  • Social media (Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn)
  • Web 2.0 ( Slideshare, WordPress, ¬†Vimeo, YouTube, etc -> complete list)
  • Google Scholar
  • Communication (Skype, Collaborate, email)
  • Brainstorming (Wordle, Fireworks, Google Drive)
  • Presenting (Prezi, Screenr)
  • Collecting (Diigo)

A complete list of my nodes can be found here.


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