Am I innovative? Part I

I studied at the KHLim college university of Hasselt. As thesis, I built software that didn’t exist at that time. The software enabled to identify a tree, by identifying key characteristics of its┬áleaves. At that time this was only possible by book (Flora). The software was honored by the Toshiba award in 2000, which resulted in an educational trip to South Africa.

In 2000 I converted the software to a website bomen-determineren.com (Dutch). In 2011 I translated the site to English: tree-key.org. In 2012 I created an app (iPhone/iPad). After more than ten years, the Tree Key can be used as it is meant to be: people can take a walk in a forest and identify trees, using the site or app. When I created the Trey Key, I created the potential for change to teachers and students.

The Dutch version of the site was visited a million times, due to the fact the matter is mandatory in the curriculum of primary schools.

To be honest, these facts and figures make me a little bit proud. The strong the fact I’m an innovator. But I’m also aware of my limitations. I’m not a visionary. I didn’t made research on the content. I was fortuned to have to right dose of inspiration at the right moment. Anyway, I have the greatest respect to visionaries and inventors. People who change other peoples lives by their innovations.