A very unresearched world

It becomes clear much research has been done on using a discussion board in an online learning community. But my situation is a bit different. I’m offering learner paced study, in which students can decide when they start their course in contrast to other educational institutions.

Paulsen (2013) advocates:

Meaningful group communication is perhaps the greatest pedagogical challenge in unpaced learning

As dr Anderson told me, I’m movingĀ into a very unresearched world of unpaced or continuous enrolment education. So my research question has to be revised. Instead of researching the implementation of a discussion board and holding to (social) constructivism, I must do research whether social constructivism is the best option. A constructivist school of learning might be more convenient in my specific situation. Building a network instead of a group.

So much reading during the last 6 weeks. At least 6 hours a day, no exceptions. A fast calculation brings it to 250 hours. Time to finalize my research questions and proceed to my methodology. A bit of gardening and running gives me the opportunity to clear my head.


Literature and technology

All emails have been analyzed, with interesting outcomes. Some requested features have already been implemented. The most interesting area for research seems to be the supporting part. Users can register a course with or without support. At this moment people can ask support by email. There isn’t an integrated ticketing system. It might be useful to implement such a system in which all answers to (frequently asked) questions are logged, so more than just person can consult it. On the other hand support questions can be increased by implementing collaborative learning.


I’ve found different very useful resources on self-study, self-efficacy, types of creativity, learning styles, moocs, collaborative learning, etc.


I contacted the support desk from Nvivo. Seems like they haven’t already implemented a function to import emails, which makes it less interesting for me.

I’ll write my EPP on Google Drive, because it’s easy to share, easy to work on, in different locations and easy to export as a Word doc, PDF or even website. Google Drive has an interesting Add-on: EasyBib Bibliography creator.

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