Connectivism – my own little experiment

Ok, I’m convinced about the pros of Connectivism. Not in every circumstance or subject, but as Hung (2001) advocates ”teachers are ‘pedagogical engineers’ with the responsibility to plan a lesson(s) with the most relevant instructional approaches and technologies at his or her disposal.”

I decided to try it in my own course. I teach Web design in a class of unemployed students in which they get different courses. During their course Drupal (which is a strong and difficult CMS) we also study the use of Joomla and WordPress. I decided to become a coach, instead of a teacher. I made some screencasts (6 times 5 minutes – figure 1). They also got access to my (own written) course material (figure 2) and I shared some resources. I set up a web conference (figure 3) in which I shared my resources (figure 4). Continue Reading