Google innovates

It’s a cliche, but a classic example of innovation in ICT, is Google. Google is more than a search engine. Chrome, Googles browser is since May 2012 worldwide the most used browser. Impressive since it’s also the newest. Almost everybody knows Googles services Gmail, Google Docs, Google Cal, Android, Google maps and streetview. Let’s talk about the newest trends.

Google glass
I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I saw this movie. Heads-up displays do exist for years, but because of the intervention of Google and a clever marketing campaign, Google glass are already in use in the USA. Google Glass is a combination of glasses and a smartphone. By voice command, you can record video’s, phone, email, take some pictures, use GPS, watch movies, browse on the internet, use social media, and much more with this device. How about opening the hood of your car while watching a manual provided by your glasses.
> http://www.google.com/glass/start/how-it-feels/

Of course it enables many application for education. Possible uses in learning:

  • record video and audio, take pictures: eg. record lessons, etc
  • teach or attend classes using web conferencing tools
  • search for information
  • etc

At this moment, Google maps is optimized for cars, but not for pedestrians. So they invented a genius game called “Ingress”. Ingress is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), in which the player can choose between two camps: the Enlightened or the Revolutionists. People can claim places, by walking to them, take a picture and push a button on their smartphone (Ingress only works on android). They can put bombs, hack places, etc. The game is addictive, makes people walk and it makes sure Google has an enormous database of pictures. This game makes sure people are contributing voluntary to Google Maps for pedestrians.

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