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The sessions

Yesterday I reviewed the sessions of 11th and 18th April. I’ll never forget the Chinese proverb:

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-14 om 21.02.39

Very inspiring!

Meri’s questions

Meri did a very good job by asking herself questions. “What’s the point of teachers?” Indeed! Does it depend on the kind of education (primary school versus college?)? Is a teacher a full-time coach (connectivism) or does it depend on the (pedagogical) situation? Does it depend on the class? Well, as you can see Meri’s questions caused a snowball effect.

The abundant use of stimulations

On monday I was teaching a class at the ICTdag. The ICTdag (translated “day of ICT”) is a two yearly event in which Belgian teachers can subscribe to 1 or 2 ICT related sessions. This time 500 teachers subscribed for a day filled with Web 2.0 tools. The guy who organizes the event won the same award as I did, 10 years ago. We both were Ambassador for education (Toshiba), so I’ll ask him to announce the TELIC course in one of the following newsletters. Nevertheless, during my session (design a site using Drupal), suddenly the priest who baptized my son, (accidently?) walked in. Apparently he’s also a teacher. He gave me a good opinion. The school (PHL) in which he teaches is very innovative. 10 years ago they already obliged all of their students to buy and use a laptop during the lessons. He noticed that the students are subject to too many stimulations. The use of one YouTube video during a few lessons has a stronger effect than abundant use. Interesting.

Combining existing technologies to create a new teaching method

Oh yeah, I managed to teach my class while I was driving my car. The class is teached by web conferencing and the software we use – webex – has an app available. So I shared my 3G internet connection (tethering) with my tablet and tadaa! While I gave my class some instructions, I showed them the road while I was driving to school. Next arrangement in the park!