The use of Twitter in the classroom

Social media are intruding in education. People are using on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook during my lessons. The school board made the decision to limit the access to Facebook because of the high use of bandwidth. Most students used Facebook for recreational nature.

The first time a student used Twitter during my lessons to check the correctness of my information, was really confronting. My first reaction was that it was “bad”. I wanted the school board to stop the access to Twitter. But maybe I was wrong. Isn’t checking the correctness of information a form of social constructivism and therefor a good thing to do? I thing many teachers will have difficulties with students checking their curriculum. In my case, my information actually was correct, but the people on Twitter disputed the correctness by personal preferences. Nevertheless, the student’s suspicion was strengthened with the fact my information was wrong. This brings me to an important question. How to solve this?