Teaching as Learning, in Practice – Jean Lave

About the paper

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-31 om 12.09.53This paper was a lot harder to read than the previous one.

Lave states that we should prefer a social theory of learning rather than an individual, psychological (which includes cognitivist and behaviourist theories) theory of learning. Furthermore she offers a theoretical perspective on the social nature of learning. She advocates that theories that reduce learning to individual mental capacity/activity in which the last instance is “to blame the marginalized people for being marginal”.

She bases her paper on 2 examples:

  • apprenticeship in Liberia – tailorship (ethnographic)
  • 19th-century mosque schools in Egypt – law practitioners (historical)

These examples are substantive, situated and historically specific. She doesn’t propose we should transfer these practices into our form of education (U.S. schools, etc). Continue Reading