Roles change manager

1-change4What are the roles of a change manager? Anyone involved in helping a team achieve something new becomes a manager of change. Depending on the type of change, a change manager may perform any of the following roles:

  1. Diagnostician (change initiator, researcher): he will begin by diagnosing what the real issues are, afterwards he will propose clear change goals
  2. Facilitator: gets others to basically accept the change and participate. To learn them new skills, play a new role or change a habit.
  3. Designer: he will design the change process
  4. Project manager (project director): he coordinates the activities of the different role players.Yet there is a difference between a project manager and director. The project director is in charge of the project manager. The project manager is in charge of the people who are doing the project. The project officer works in a support role and has a thorough understanding of the goals of a project and their company’s guidelines.
  5. Educator: he educates people what to expect from the change process.
  6. Marketer  creates the belief that participating in this change will be fun, rewarding, an opportunity to develop new skills, etc. To do so, he’ll advertise, arrange competitions, etc. The web designer creates the website. the Pedagogical Designer overlooks the pedagogy in the process of change. The Technological developer is responsible for technical matters.
  7. Inspiration Agent: he needs to integrate all changes that need to occur, support major change being made into a comprehensive change strategy.
  8. Monitor (evaluator): he regularly measures progress towards the change goal. What is working and what isn’t.



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